Empowering women to move forward and live a more rewarding life by rebuilding their sense of self

Dinamik coaching is a unique experience of coaching /mentoring that transforms lives of real women who may be struggling or stuck. In realising that they are enough just as they are, they are able to rediscover joy and become excited about their own future.

The struggles may be related to a wide range of issues from self-confidence, self- esteem, body image, feeling stuck, anxiety, phobias, abuse and so much more.

With the use of STT (Spontaneous Transformation Technique) we work together through the old behaviours and patterns so that you can heal and transform your beliefs and live in a more engaged and exciting way.


After just one session with Dina I feel as though a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. 3 Sessions later and I feel as free as a bird, my worries and anxieties lifted and I can now face my ex without shaking with fear. CJ

Discover the 5 biggest challenges that keep women stuck in the emotional traumas of their past