Dina is a qualified transformation coach who is passionate about helping professional women regain their self-assurance and need to take back control of their lives after suffering from trauma and abuse.

She has been helping women identify and eliminate limiting self-beliefs and reshape their lives and get back on track.

As a daughter, sister, friend and carer she has dealt with her own challenging life issues just as many of you have.

After going through redundancy, finding employment and landing her dream job and then giving all that up to care for her parents` self-doubt and not feeling “good enough” became a recurring theme in her life. Anxiety and depression were her companions for several years but she was finally able to leave them behind and begin making plans for the future.

So she can relate and empathise with the huge challenges that we experience as women, having to show the world how perfect strong and in control of our lives we are, when deep inside we are sometimes just about holding it all together.

With dinamik she has created a safe and non-judgemental space to help women just like you navigate through your challenges and feel good about yourself again.
Love your life now, make it dynamic and start getting more enjoyment out of your relationships with family and loved ones, and above all, fall in love with yourself again.
The sky is the limit – you have so much potential and you deserve that and so much more.